Cherry by Artisan VIP


Cherry by Artisan VIP

Our Cherry e-liquid is an improved version of the original and is based on a Cherry Slush flavour profile. This flavour combines a sweet and simple cherry taste with an almost candy like subtle sweetness.

Artisan E-liquids are made in the UK and we use pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure that we provide nothing but high quality, premium e-liquids. Artisan currently boasts a GOLD Series and a VIP Series and have built up a reputation for offering value for money, outstanding tastes and silky smooth throat hits.

- 10ml bottle
- 50VG / 50PG
- UK Made
- Available in 3mg, 6mg & 12mg

How does Artisan VIP Series Cherry compare to VIP Cherry Burst?

Comparison Rating: 7/10

Artisan VIP Cherry is a sweeter alternative and has more of candy like undertone rather than a fruity undertone.

*If your e-liquid arrives unboxed, do not worry as this is normal. By ordering the bottles loose, it speeds up the process of us receiving stock and therefore avoids the product from going out of stock completely.